Preparations before starting Keto

Few things you need to know before starting keto

First, I would say Ketogenic Diet is not for everyone. It needs patience and you need to endure the adaptation phase. You will feel weak during this phase. Adaptation phase will depend on person to person. It could take 2-3 weeks.

I listed below some items that will help you minimize the effect of the adaptation phase, these items are so vital, it could be the difference if you can succeed or not.

Don’t Fear Fat

Majority of Filipinos are Fat Phobic, in fact, we invented terms for it such as “Putok Batok” referring to fatty foods like chicharon, crispy pata, lechon etc., we are so scared of fat knowing that it’s bad for our health. But what if the conventional wisdom about fat is wrong? Please look at these studies about dispelling myths about fat.

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride)

During the adaptation process your body will experience energy crisis, your body doesn’t know yet on how to use fat for fuel, MCT oil will be your fuel during that time. You can buy MCT oil in or If you can’t buy MCT oil you can buy Virgin Coconut Oil (contains 62% MCT oil) from a local grocery store. MCT oil is broken down into Beta-hydroxybutyrate that will instantly serve as your emergency fuel for your brain and body during this energy crisis. Don’t overdo MCT oil, consume 2 tablespoons daily.


Also during the adaptation process, your body will dump water and electrolytes, you will feel the so-called Keto flu, to avoid this you need to up your salt, potassium, magnesium intake, you either drink Gatorade Active-No sugar (available grocery stores or convenience store) or drink chicken or bone broth at least 3 cups per day (tinola & bulalo are examples of the broth you can drink) . Avocado is another good source of potassium & magnesium.

Food Planning

You need to plan ahead on what to eat since you’ll be eating real foods, avoid heavily processed food. What kind of foods are you going to eat? We Filipinos have kanin and ulam concept of food, Ketogenic Diet/Lifestyle will be a little different. Personally, I choose neutral taste vegetables to serve as kanin. These are some of the food combinations to help you with the food planning.

If do you want to lose weight, you don’t need to follow 75% fat, at least 35-40% fat. The rest will be your own body fat

Bacon & EggsPipino Salad & Adobong ManokEnsladang talong & Bistek tagalog
Sisig & EggsBeef brocolliPritong alumahan & Lettuce salad
Low carb Pancake using coconut flour & stevia as sweetenerEnsaladang pinoy & LiempoGinisang pechay & Fried chicken
Cauliflower fried rice with Vigan longanisaBurger steak & Low carb bread (using coconut flour)Nilagang baka (no potato)
Stir-fried beef with chicharoGourmet tuyo & vegetables saladGinisang giniling (beef/pork) sa sayote

October 16, 2017 at 11:33 pm by PinoyKetoAdvocate